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fire dept audio

  1. A

    Station Tones

    Hello fellow brothers and sisters and alike kin, We are a small (25 people) volunteer fire department. We are looking at how to get station tones that alert when we are paged to a call. Low budget as possible but still reliable. We are looking at just being able to be toned during the day and...
  2. P

    Uniden Bearcat SC-150B Not Working Properly

    Hello all, I have a Uniden Bearcat SC-150B Sportcat TwinTurbo Scanner. I previously had a Uniden Bearcat BC95XLT. They both have had this problem of not going off when a fire department in my county has a run. It will only alert if a volunteer department is paged first because their tone is not...
  3. M

    Programing macom p7100 radio for San Antonio Fire Department

    Hello everyone. Would it be possible to program a MaCom P7100ip radio to listen to the San Antonio Fire Department? I know there is a feed for it but I dont know how he/she is doing it. I believe they might have an actual radio to monitor it. If so how would it be done? I would like to program a...
  4. waterfordfire

    Speaker activation from tone out help

    Hello, So I work for a rural fire department that has a very basic tone out system set up at the station, basically its a base station that monitors our dispatch frequency which is also our radio traffic frequency. My question is or project is, I am trying to set it up so that the speakers in...
  5. R


    Some of my local fire companies have a fleetsync sounding ANI at the beginning of their transmission. Most of the time, it is a command vehicle, portable, or deputy chief that has this. Attached a sample of what I mean. If someone could please tell me what this is, it would be greatly...
  6. chad3405

    Recording Fire Audio / Legal advice

    I a member of a small Vol. fire dept. recently I have been using Audacity 1.3 to record our calls using a head phone jack in a Motorola Minitor V pager and then playing it at our training reviews. It really seems to help the guys hear and learn from mistakes made. My question is if I took my...