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fire tone-out

  1. TheFlyingPilot

    Setting up Tone-Out on Digital

    Is it possible to set up the fire tone-out feature on a BCD325P2 when the dispatch system is MPSCS P25 digital? If so, how can I do it?
  2. K

    Solano County Fire Tones

    Hey All, I've been playing with my new BCD996P2 Scanner. I've logged the following fire tone outs for Solano County. However I am noticing a slight deviation in the Hz of the tones. Could this be individual unit tones? There was a large grass fire about a week back which is where I logged most...
  3. S

    Walhalla Oconne FD Tones

    I am slowly trying to set up my BCD996P2 I was wondering if anyone had the tones for the Oconee FD in Walhalla? I want to setup alerts for just the station down the rd from me but I Googled and Searched RR but there doesn't seem to be any info on the Alert tones here? I know they are the same as...
  4. P

    Fire Tone Out on BCD396XT

    In the fire toneout setup in the scanner it asks for the frequency of the tone out channel and then the two tones and their frequencies. I got my two tone frequencies no problem. My question is my fire dispatch is simulcast on analog on 154.1600. Should i use this as my frequency or is there...
  5. D

    Fire Tone-out issues? 396XT

    I have a BR330T and a 396XT. The 330T works great with FTO on a local fire dept frequency. I programmed the 396XT (by hand) with the same information and it does not work correctly. Modulation modes, frequencies, etc. are identical...but the 396XT just doesn't catch the tones. When I put it...