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  1. K

    Video I made of setting a Baofeng UV-5R on fire

    Over the past weekend I did some rather extreme testing on one of the Chinese made Baofeng UV-5R dual-band HT's and asked permission from radioreference support to post the link here. Love them or hate them the Baofeng took a lot of punishment and kept on ticking. Definitely a cheap HT, but...
  2. C

    Need Help With Local Frequencies

    Hello All, So I received a radio shack handheld scanner a long time ago and just dug it out the other day after seeing a bunch of police in my backyard with flashlights searching for something or someone. I have been trying to find the frequency to put in for Denville, NJ Police and every...
  3. gregsto

    4th Alarm Fire Kent County

    Chestertown md | kent | 4th alarm | 515 washington ave washington college it bldg | hvy fire on arrival -2nd alm on arrival now a 4th
  4. S

    New Motorola Mag One A8 on fire

    Hello, I am new here and appreciate any help or advice that anyone has to offer. A few weeks ago we bought a number of brand new Motorola Mag One A8 two way radios. We are a security company and some of our accounts don't have a place for us to keep our radios so the site Supervisor will...
  5. F

    Need help with West Bloomfield Fire Department frequency

    Hi guys, I have problem with West Bloomfield Fire Department frequency. I Programmed my uniden BCD436HP and wouxun KG-UV8D radio with frequency that i found from radioreference database. but the problem i have is i can't hear anything except Dispatch. I checked my frequency and Tone but i can't...
  6. V

    SDR Police Freq.

    Hi, I am trying to use a R820T SDR &DVB-T SDR to receive police in my area. The software I am trying to use is SDR# Problem: I cannot receive police/fire. I can get FM Radio 100.1Mhz. When I switch it to police/fire all it get is static. I have a scanner net to it that can receive so I know...
  7. mcjones2013

    Sacramento County Fire Map Pages

    Does anyone know what map book and/or software Sacramento county & city fire agencies dispatched by Sacramento Regional Fire/EMS Dispatch Center (SRFECC) use? I assumed it would be Thomas Guide since many other agencies use that but the pages don't match up to what is dispatched. Is this a...
  8. A

    What does " positive for Fry" mean?

    So I've heard this term a couple times now in different area's and wondering what this means. Can't find it on search so if anyone knows what it means that would be great!
  9. J

    BCD996XT: Philadelphia Fire

    I have a Uniden BCD996XT with the factory antenna and live just a couple miles outside of West Philadelphia. I used Radio Reference and ARC XT to program my scanner. It will not pick up Philadelphia Police or Fire.. It keeps saying finding control channel, same with chester county. Anyone...
  10. A

    Oakville Fire/EMS

    Was wondering if anyone knows simplex channels for fire/EMS (if there is). i know the database has some p25 channels. but am wondering if i am missing stuff as it does not seem busy enough for fire. cant seem to find EMS at all. any help would be great. using BCD436HP.
  11. J

    Sussex County - Wantage FD

    Does anyone have more information on the new Wantage FD freq grant. It looks like a VHF-Hi repeater based system 154.3175 (input 159.2175). What's interesting is that the license is for both typical NFM and also for NXDN. I've monitored for the past few days and haven't picked up anything...
  12. T

    Toronto Fire P25 Timeline

    Is there a time line yet as to when we can expect to see TFS do a full move to the Toronto P25 system? I ask as it is in the 700MHz and if I were to buy an XTS 2500 for 800MHz I believe the new 700MHz P25 system would be out of band.
  13. T

    Mississauga Fire

    Does anyone know if Mississauga Fire still broadcasts on 414.58750MHz after switching to P25? I have not had a chance to tune in.
  14. K

    Mysterious Waltham Public Safety Station

    Hello scanners! A while ago, I stumbled on a mysterious station from my location in Middlesex county. It is a sort of ambulance or public safety station on 152.370 MHz, and uses a DCS code of 155. I have been looking for this station's information, but it is not on RadioReference, apparently...
  15. mcjones2013

    Srrcs tg 5808, 5840, 5904

    Some 4-digit non-digital channels have been popping up on the SRRCS non-P25 system. They sound like fire training channels. I THINK it might be the Cosumnes CSD Fire Department Training Facility (who recently started a new academy class). 5808 - Referred to on-air as "OPS-1" 5840 - Referred to...
  16. T

    Okaloosa County, Florida

    Does anyone have a list of Frequencies that Okaloosa County and the surrounding area uses as far as mutual aid or Interop use? The only thing I can find is a list of interop frequencies that seem to be out of order and need to be updated. EMS MED Channels: Public Safety Scanner Frequencies and...
  17. D

    Noob in Barrow county

    My wife and I want to scan Barrow police and fire but have no idea what scanner we need. Any help on a scanner choice and where to purchase? Thanks in advance>
  18. T

    Volusia Fire/EMS Programming

    I'm still very new to scanning and such and I would like to program my Radioshack Pro 160 to get the same thing as heard on the feed here: Volusia County Fire and EMS Dispatch I programmed the frequencies on the RR database for Volusia and closed to the talkgroups of fire and ems dispatch...
  19. radioscan

    Allen County DB Update

    I've been going through the Ohio DB doing some year end housekeeping, and what not. For Allen County we need to know the status of the 800 MHz Fire TACs that are listed. Those frequencies should no longer be valid now that 800 MHz rebanding has been long completed. 866.17500 M CSQ...
  20. 7StoryMTN

    Gwinnett County Fire to go encrypted?

    Anybody hear anything regarding Gwinnett Fire going encrypted like the PD is already? I heard they are in the process of switching over. Was that always the plan?