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  1. sefrischling

    NCFC 46.10 X-Band - 460.2250

    Anyone know if 460.2250 , the 46.10 cross band for Nassau FireCom works county wide?
  2. B

    Cdm1250 and firecom 3010 system

    I have a cdm 1250 installed and in perfect working order. I just installed a firecom 3010 system. The radio will not transmit through the headsets. Receive is fine. Does the accessory pins on the radio require a programming change from the default setting? Thanks!!!
  3. P

    Suffolk County Repeaters

    does anyone have a list of repeaters throughout suffolk for medcom and firecom. i know that there are several out there ..... i do not see them listed
  4. R

    Kenwood TK-790H and Firecom Intercom

    We have recently installed a Firecom intercom system with headsets into one of our fire apparatus and we are trying to interface it with a Kenwood TK-790H. The instructions say that for the radio to work properly we have to program the radio to accept a PTT on pin #6 of the 12 pin accessory...