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  1. SlipNutz15

    QA01749 question

    My county is going to a new digital conventional system. They ordered Motorola APX6000's with Flashcode #108040A040003 which shows: Q806 ASTRO IMBE Digital Operation QA00572 Primary Band: UHF Range 2 QA01749 Legacy SW System Key Enable QA01833 Extreme 1-Sided Noise Reduction Q507 12.5 kHz...
  2. T

    Credibility of flash

    Hello, I stumbled across a XTS5000R that was for sale with a flashcode of 5A9008-101F87-7. It claims to have trunking AND fpp. I contacted the seller and they said that "You just have to keep the trunking and FPP in separate zones". It has R17.02 firmware and dsp. Is this a new option with...