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  1. edweirdFL

    2019 Daytona 500

    From my location outside the track I can often hear the spotters on the roof of the grandstands, and sometimes the cars when they are up on the high banks. Here's what I caught during the Gander RV Duel at Daytona 1 this evening. This along with the second Duel race sets the field (other than...
  2. A

    Help setting up in Sarasota! $$$ for you!

    Hello, I am new to the forum and completely new to radios and trunking. I purchased a Uniden BCD996P2 to do some independent journalism and to no surprise, programming is a nightmare. I tried using freescan to program the settings straight from RR, but copy and paste is about as far as my...
  3. N1DDC

    Harris planning protest over Florida’s award of SLERS P25 system to Motorola

    Interesting article I saw this morning. The other day it was announced Motorola was getting the contract for the Florida State-wide SLERS system, and Harris is planning to fight it! Harris declares plan to protest Florida intent to award large P25 contract to Motorola Solutions | P25 content...
  4. wa8iqo

    Motorola Mentor/Elmer Wanted!

    Im looking for a mentor or amature radio elmer in Central Florida who has extensively knowledgeable with Motorola ASTRO and Mototrbo product lines. Im looking to expand my knowledge on the XTL/XTS5000 radios and gain some primer on turbo system as well. Can't seem to find anyone within the local...
  5. C

    Plantation Police Department

    So I see that the Plantation PD is fully TDMA. Will my BCD436HP be able to receive them?
  6. wa8iqo

    Transmitter Output Restrictions In Florida

    Hello everyone. I moved to Central Florida last year. Just recently I read somewhere that Amature Radio Operators were limited to a transmission output power of no more then 50 watts within any geographical boundaries of Florida. The reason being is due to Florida having an over abundance of...
  7. KF4UHJ

    Where is Ft Lauderdale?

    Anyone know why Ft Lauderdale public safety has completely gone silent on the Broward County trucked system? I have a Motorola XPR 6580 programmed with ALL of Broward county, AND a BCD436HP scanner. Both have gone silent on the Lauderdale channels. Maybe has something to do with the upcoming...
  8. K

    UHF Florida Codeplug

    Good Morning one and all! I'm very new to DMR and just got a TYT-MD380. I live in Palm Bay Florida and I'm looking for a UHF codeplug for this area. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
  9. I

    Seminole P25 Updates!!

    Below is a list of Talk group hits on a WinRadio G305e between noon on Thursday and up to now Friday night, does anyone know what these unknown talk groups are used for? 0000 – 0000 – Unknown 0008 – 0008 – Unknown 0018 – 0012 – Unknown 1671 – 0687 – Unknown 4109 – 100D - Unknown 5462 – 1556 –...
  10. C

    Need Lakeland FL Assistance

    When going thru Lakeland recently, the digital audio quality of the PD was awful. Polk county sounds fine. Can anyone tell me what settings work for Lakeland? FM or NFM? P25 threshold, etc.. With P25 set to 8, it sounded terrible for me. As I go thru there infrequently, it could take a year...
  11. D

    I'm Hooked

    Newbie here. Gilchrist County, Florida. The county just purchased an old radio tower near my home, and is using it as a repeater(?) for communications. I decided to buy a used Uniden Bearcat BC700A because I was curious. Now, after just 3 days, I'm hooked. Just what I need, another reason to...
  12. D

    County Not listed at RadioReference

    Hi, Newbie in Gilchrist County, FL. Near High Springs, Ginnie Springs, etc...Gilchrist county just purchased and set up an emergency radio tower within 1/4 mile of my house. There's also a medical helicopter pad across the road...I'd like to be able to scan these, but RadioReference has no...
  13. RadioGuy1951

    Your best FM DX

    What is your best FM DX...??? One of my best "catches" was many years ago in Novato, CA on a warm August day...I caught Floroda Highway Patrol TWO WAY DX on CHP Silver Base (42.08mhz) ... The florida dispatcher asked her units to 10-9 because they were covered by California traffic...
  14. SCPD

    Okaloosa County FIRE/EMS Narrowband yet?

    As of today 8/28/2012 is okaloosa county fire/ems north and south up and running on narrowband or are is all radio traffic still working off wideband? also do you know if the old Niceville FD freqs Rx 151.04000 Tx 153.83000 with a pl of 156.7 as well as crestview FD, South walton, north walton...
  15. R

    Need advice, digital or analog

    Hi all, Firstly thank you for reading this. I'm totally new to the game but have been doing allot of research. I have read the getting started wiki, and various other articles/posts. My question, I am going to purchase a receiver. It will be used mainly in my vehicle. My area has gone digital...
  16. S

    Portable radio scanners stores in Greater Fort Lauderdale and surburban towns

    I'm looking for a portable radio scanners stores in the greater Fort Lauderdale FL area and surburban towns around Fort Lauderdale because I want a scanner for railfanning anywhere in the United States and Canada and I look for a scanner at an affordable price. Which scanner you recommend for...
  17. kg4ojj

    COMPTUEX off NE Florida coast

    Courtesy of a Marine Corps press release: 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit, Amphibious Squadron 8 conduct training off Florida coast "The Marines [24th Marine Expeditionary Unit & Amphibious Squadron 8] plan to operate around the Mayport, Fla. area in the coming days as part of Composite...
  18. K

    Disney World

    A few questions that I know have been answered at least 100 times. I just need some definite answers and direction.... The research has been done and this is what I gathered about Disney World Florida's radio system They still have some 2meter and 70cm analog and digi freqs that they use for...
  19. kg4ojj

    State agencies in the clear...kind of

    By chance, I discovered two state agencies in the clear - Fish & Wildlife and FHP. Okay, I do NOT have a state radio nor a secret decoder ring, but I do know a good dispatcher when I hear one.... I was in Palatka (Putnam County) last week during a shooting call. No injuries, but a few...
  20. N

    DeSoto County FL reband freq.

    Does anyone know the DeSoto Couty FL rebanded 800 trunking freqs.? I tried 15 down but that did not work. Could the be the freqs. listed around 801? Bob