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  1. R

    Hytera PD-782G FPP on Analog Channels

    My understanding of FPP on the Hytera PD-782G is that TX/RX frequencies can only be modified on Digital Channels. Indeed, as I look at the literature available on their FPP, it appears that only the CTCSS/CDCSS mode and CTCSS frequencies can be changed on Analog Channels. I can find nothing...
  2. B

    Xts 2500 fpp

    I have searched to the extent of my Google ability with no avail. I have a Motorola XTS 2500 with FPP when programming the radio how do you enter a PL/DPL such as D236N. are the letters dropped from the DPL or is there a conversion? Thanks any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. jdmwph5

    XTS 2500 codeplug error

    I just bought an XTS 2500 Model III (UHF) Model H46SDH9PW7AN. This radio has the Q52/Q53 Front Panel Programming enhancement. Firmware = R09.00.03 After reading the codeplug in CPS R.16.00.00 it loads with 240 Conventional Personalities, none of which can be deleted (option grayed out). I'm...
  4. kd7kdc

    GP68 Wiki

    Hi All I have started a wiki for the Motorola Radius GP68 by entering a how to on Front Panel Programming the radio. I will try put the tone chart in there as well unless someone else with the coding skills can or will do it. 73 Steve
  5. bezking

    Loose FPP with Latest CPS??

    Hi Moto Gurus, I often see eBay listings for XTS units with FPP in which the seller says that if you program the radio with CPS later than version X.XX, FPP will be lost. How and why would this happen? Thanks!!