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  1. CQ

    Importing Democrat Voters

    It has been in the works for quite a while. The cullyfornia sign is so true and frightening. “If Democrats don’t try to do everything in their power to defend Dreamers, that will jeopardize Democrats’ electoral chances in 2018 and beyond,” Memo Admits Dems Need...
  2. jeatock

    A soultion to voting fraud.

    I’m campaigning to start something. This November when you go vote, voluntarily show the election judge a state-issued driver’s license or photo ID. I know that showing ID is not required, and is the subject of much controversy. But if enough people do so perhaps the election judges will take...
  3. G

    Charlesdom, BEWARE of - unk aliases

    Charlesdom currently has two scams working (linked below) and hasn't been caught just yet. Not sure if he is using another name at this point, so BEWARE and be careful...