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free scan

  1. jcop225

    Freescan: Uniden BR330T Trunking Problem

    I just picked up a used Uniden BR330T. Today I updated it to the latest firmware and now I'm trying to program it with FreeScan. Due to the limited memory I am starting by programming only one multi-site Smartzone system in to the scanner. What seems to be happening is that a site will be...
  2. S

    Would anyone have a Files they could share for Plattsburgh NY Area and STATE POLICE

    I head to Plattsburg NY alot So I think I will be ok with my 996XT I use Free Scan and ARC Pro and was just looking for some help with files.. Like Area FD, Cty SO, and State Police.. I hope I have this in the right place for locals in the above state to see
  3. M

    Having trouble with free scan

    Hello folks. I'm Jerry Mader. I'm in Saginaw Michigan. I'm totally blind and use a uniden, BCD396xt. Well here's the issue i'm having. Hope someone can help me fix it because i need to get this repaired asap so that I can see what's going on with my scanner. I'm having trouble with FreeScan...