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  1. radioguy224

    Looking For New Milford Sewer Commission WPCA frequencies

    Looking for help with this 155.05500 Because when I look this up it’s says city of milford waster water Looking for the correct frequency for New Milford Ct
  2. J

    How to add a frequency for a new group?

    Hello, guys, I am a real beginner who just started to work at one of Motorola dealership company, but all that I learned about programming is how to clone or edit the existing codeplug files using CPS, because a technician who has worked here for over 30 years just quit 2 weeks ago without...
  3. SCPD

    NEW Okaloosa County Medical Coordination frequency?

    whats the new Okaloosa County Medical Coordination frequency (CMC MED-2) for? Tx 468.02500 Rx 463.02500 156.7 PL
  4. SCPD

    NEW Okaloosa County Medical Coordination frequency?

    whats the new Okaloosa County Medical Coordination frequency (CMC MED-2) for? Tx 468.02500 Rx 463.02500 156.7 PL
  5. S

    AMT Peoria Frequency?

    What is Peoria IL AMT frequency? Like not 15580 but like 155.387? Thanks Sam
  6. F

    Allegheny County ferquency

    I was wondering what the frequency of the Allegheny County Fire and EMS channel is? I have the 5-0 app for my Ipad and am listening to it but I cant find any info on it so I can listen to it on my scanner. Anyone with info would be a great help. Thanks
  7. M

    New Garvin County SO frequency

    Just noticed a new frequency for Garvin County today: 151.08500 WQNU202 RM 244 NAC Garvin Co SO Garvin County Sheriff Dispatch P25 Law Not sure what this means to me. I programmed it in and cant here anything. I have a PRO-197 scanner. I still hear them on their old frequency though...
  8. MaddChatter2608

    Question Reguarding Scanner Freq

    I was wondering.....My local FD just switched to a NFM band rather than the conventional FM....i have the new frequency and it works fine. However, i cannot pick up their Tones only their Speech!!! I have inputted the DPL the database has listed but next to the Frequency Description it has...
  9. T

    Radio Frequency License

    Hello Folks, I'm wondering if it is possible that I could register a frequency with Industry Canada, and how much it would cost to go about doing so. (In the 136 - 174 mhz VHF range.) I am not interested in getting an "Amateur Radio" license. I would like to use it for biking and hiking with...
  10. Northerner71

    Need assistance for a freq.

    I was using the tune feature on my 500 and I came across some "computer" noise. It sounds like the same tones over and over. The frequency is 36.0500 mhz. Would this be a pager system? I thought they only broadcasted when a page was sent. This is constant. I am up in Northern Ontario 300...
  11. R

    Monster Jam freq

    I am looking for info on where to find MJ freq used by the tech officals or any other monster truck promoters. Thanks
  12. SCPD

    What is this frequency??

    Hi all, I wanted to know what the frequency 462.600 is for? Every hour it gives the time. It says "Time is so and so". It also sometimes gives out a wether alert if severe weather is comming. Also sometimes I hear people talking on it. Thanks for the help.