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  1. KK4JUG

    Yaesu: Yaesu FT-8900 Communications Timeout error

    I tried to reprogram my FT-8900 tonight but kept getting a "Communications timeout error," It's never happened before. I'm using RT Systems software and it's been updated. I tried several times but the process was aborted about three-quarters of the way through, Everything up to that point...
  2. K

    Help finding FT-8900 file for SF Bay Area repeaters

    HI All, Looking for a file for the G4HFQ software (I suppose any Excell file should work) to dump into my FT-8900 mobile. Thanks! Jon K6EWN
  3. K9GTJ

    2010 Honda CR-V

    You may remember my old 2005 Ford Ranger thread with a Uniden Scanner and Yaesu FT-8900 here. That truck became history this week when I purchased a new 2010 Honda CR-V. I plan to install the FT-8900 and plan to use the Comet SBB15 antenna since it seems to be the best option. I want to...