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  1. B

    BCD436HP: DMR audio garbled

    I'm a recent owner of the 436, purchased the DMR upgrade. I'm trying to scan this system: ULS License - Industrial/Business Pool, Trunked License - WQWL713 - SHORELINE SCHOOL DISTRICT #412 - Location 2 When I scanned the frequencies as conventional, it revealed a CAP system with color code 11...
  2. N

    Bastrop County HELP !

    Hi, I'm new but I have searched and can't find any previous post which really helps. I have a RS Pro-651 and I am a 911 Dispatcher at Smithville PD. Bastrop operates off of the GATRRS. I live in La Grange and listen to Fayette Co Sheriff freqs and they are totally clear - but FCSO operates on...
  3. J

    PSR 800 question

    I recently (Saturday) updated all of my PSR 800 software to the latest so that I could monitor the local Harris P25 Phase 2 system in Bibb County, Ga. I was surprised at how well it is receiving the transmissions..... some are crystal clear but many more are garbled beyond understanding. Is...
  4. B

    Garbled transmissions

    Help, I am new to scanning project 25 systems. I am trying to scan York County, VA. Everything I hear is garbled. Any suggestions?
  5. adams_jb

    PRO-18 Sound Quality

    Good Evening! I have recently purchased a PRO-18 scanner to run a local scanner feed and am having problems with the quality of the audio. The audio is very garbled; I have tried making adjustments to the settings with no change. I am monitoring the Charlotte, NC P25 system (particularly...
  6. T

    Garbled Audio at random times

    I was listening to my Pro-197 scanner on the police and sheriff channels the audio sometimes garbles for some reason. It happens at randoms times just whenever. Both systems are P25 single channel no trunking. I was wondering if this has happend to anyone else and if there are some settings to...