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  1. D

    Garland Trunked System Update

    So far, I was listening on Mesquite, the dispatcher went on all the Talk Channels and TAC Channel and said "All units, take your traffic to North, the talk channels will be out. Tactical will be on Information." I was confused for a minute, then realized that they are joining with Garlands...
  2. F

    Garland PS

    I have a BCD396t and I have been trying to get Garland (Dallas County TX) to come up in a Motorola typ2 smartnet. I have tried it by loading just the control frequencies and than loading all frequencies and nothing. I loaded the frequencies in conventional and I hear them but I'm still getting...
  3. twjr2004

    Garland Texas Trunk ID change?

    * DISREGARD *Garland Texas Trunk ID change? ******************ok, disregard this. Must be my scanner playing tricks with me.*******************************