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    ACSO RF Link - Orwell

    Does ANYONE know who broadcasts on this channel? I cannot figure out at all what department is talking. I noticed alot of activity on that channel when I raised my antenna to 30 feet. (Ashtabula County)
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    Ashtabula city scanning prob.

    I cant seem to pick up the Ashtabula police at all. I dont know if anyone have had the same problem but its like they disappeared. I have my HP set to scan all of ashtabula county. every frequency has came up at least once since i got it except ashtabula city. Anyone know if they packed up and...
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    homepatrol takes long time to scan MARCS

    Hey, i live in geneva on the lake and i mostly scan for ashtabula and all of geneva. on conventional (i think) and I also listen to the sheriffs on MARCS, heres the thing.... i am missing out on some of the radio talk on the conventional channels because as it scans through the MARCS system it...
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    ashtabula county codes

    anyone know a couple 10 codes ashtabula county uses? Just starting to get into radios and wondering if anyone had any information on this topic.