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  1. ST-Bob

    Massachusetts Buff Agencies restructuring in DB?

    The RR listing for Massachusetts Buff Agencies Massachusetts Buff Agencies Scanner Frequencies and Radio Frequency Reference has all their frequencies and repeaters geo-tagged as a large area covering Masachusetts, Rhode Island, southern New Hampshire, parts of Vermont, Maine, New York and most...
  2. ST-Bob

    Worcester EDACS geotag question

    The Worcester Public Safety EDACS system Worcester Public Safety Trunking System, Worcester, Massachusetts - Scanner Frequencieshas some talkgroups that cover the reservoirs for Worcester which are outside the city's borders. When I calculated the geotag data I set it up so the range circle...
  3. ST-Bob

    Geotag overlap and options

    Since the advent of GPS-aware scanners geotag data has become important to RR and scanner users. The concept is brilliant but I question the execution. For example, Massachusetts has a large multi-user Motorola SmartZone system for the Mass State Police and other subscribing entities. This...
  4. conrad314

    HomePatrol and Geotagging???

    Is there a way for the RR users to see if their counties have Geotagging? I've been looking (Jackson County Missouri & surrounding areas) and can't find any geotag information. And secondly if they do not, what information must we submit in order to get RR updated with geotags? Thanks