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  1. R

    urgent help needed

    hi i have purchased ST-804A from com-spec.com and i want to install on GM 300 motorola , the below link is the link of installation instruction but really i got confused what to do , i know for many of you this is basic question but for me is a huge confusion . i really appreciate if someone...
  2. bill4long

    Motorola Radius GM300 Programming in Indianapolis

    Anyone here know of anyone who can program a Motorola Radius GM300 in the Indianapolis area? The big shot companies won't do it since it's not narrowband. They don't like to help Amateur radio people.
  3. R

    motorola gm300 codeplug 438-470

    hi has anyone got a good codeplug for a gm300 uhf 403-470 any help with this would be much appreciated. if it could be sent to my email ad that would be great graemedrew@msn.com thankyou graeme
  4. B

    GM300 audio issues

    I have just installed a GM300 in my 2004 Chevy pickup. When the vehicle is off and the radio is powered up the rx audio is fine. But, when the vehicle is started and running, the rx audio becomes distorted and I am unable to understand what is recieved. Anyone know what the problem could be...