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    GP300 with TinyTrak 3

    I've got a couple of spare GP300's that I've been wanting to configure for APRS. The thing that stumps me is what is the best way to go about modifying a GP series radio for such a task? Is their a way to go through a header similar to that of the J1 header on the Radius/Maxtrac/GM300 series...
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    Motorola Radius GP300 problems

    Hi all, Totally new to the site and this is my first post. I build airbus aircraft in France for a living, but I know almost nothing about ham radios and I have a slight understanding of electronics. My problem is I bought 3 GP300 Radius radios for a long haul road trip a few years ago. I...
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    Precious Metals in battery connectors?

    Hey everyone. Im totally new here and to this radio thing. I have been reading as much as I can on scraping for precious metals in radios, pc's, etc. Then I recently came across several Motorola Radius CP200's, P1225's, and GP300's.. More than I know what to do with... In thinking I was going to...
  4. R

    Motorola GP400 UHF Help Please!

    I have a motorola gp300. I bought a new battery for it. Popped the battery in, plugged it into the charger and the red light was steady. Left it charging over night. Took the radio. Tried to turn it on. It didn't turn on. Please help me. Also please excuse any typos. Doing this on my phone.
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    new to motos

    Ok I have a deputy who has to provide is own radio and he purchased a gp300 and he needs a new battery which he already has on order but needs a programming cable. I have the software I just don't know how to install it through DOS. Can someone give me some direction please? Thank ya much...