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  1. E

    Help with Zetron ZR310 and GR1225 UHF repeater

    Ok this is what I have: 1 Motorola GR1225 UHF base/repeater station 1 Cresend 100 watt UHF PA deck 1 Zetron ZR310 Shared repeater unit 1 set of zr310 to gr1225 15 pin cables Official 1225 RSS, RS232 Motorola RIB and a old pentium D class PC. I have a commercial community repeater license but...
  2. k7plt

    MDC-1200 for access control?

    Is there a way to implement access control on a GR1225 repeater using MDC-1200? Would you use the AdvantagePort board socket or could it be 'assigned' through the RSS software?
  3. k7plt

    * * * GR1225 (UHF) Remote RF repeater controller * * *

    I am looking to control a GR1225 remotely using DTMF over a RF link. I would like to be able startup/knockdown function and channel sourcing. Are there any manufacturers capable of this task? If so, what models and difficulty level to enable and configure this device would be expected? Thanks
  4. M

    Motrola GR1225 Repeater Help

    I am looking into purchasing a Motorola GR1225 16 Channel repeater. My question is if you can only program the internal duplexer for one frequency split, then what can you use the other 16 channels for?