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greene county

  1. Mtnrider

    Greene County NY VHF Update

    Greene County is looking to cut over to VHF paging as of November 15th 2016 (155.985) All services will be paged via 895. No more 46.14 for paging. Also looking to cover 34,000 dollars to buy 900 plus pagers. The (hopeful) cut over for total VHF High will be April 2017. New Freq and pl's once i...
  2. 2

    Greeneville, Greene County Scanning

    So, who is monitoring Greene County and Greeneville?
  3. 2

    Greeneville TN 70cm Repeaters

    Anyone listen to or use 70cm repeaters in Greeneville/Greene County? Q1) There is one on 441.850. I've never gotten the story on that one. It works great! But, who's is it? And, it's down right now. Anybody got any info at all? Q2) There is one on 444.750. It's located kinda' in the middle of...
  4. Mtnrider

    North Adams,Mass 911 dispatches blacking out calls in Greene County, N.Y.

    NORTH ADAMS,MASS -- Every week, emergency dispatchers in Greene County, N.Y., are cut off from radio communications with their first responders -- and the interference is coming from North Adams. North Adams 911 dispatches blacking out calls in Greene County, N.Y. - North Adams Transcript
  5. T

    Greene County Site 001 suddenly dead???

    Hi Folks, Anyone know what is going on with the Greene County Trunk System? This week I noticed that the Greene County Trunk System for Site 001 (Primary) was acting oddly. During and after the snow storm (Monday 9 Dec) Site 001 was very active. As the week progressed I could only receive half...
  6. Mtnrider

    Greene County NY narrowband Change over

    I was told today that the Complete change over would be November 26th and 27th 2012 Just a FYi
  7. Mtnrider

    Greene County NY another new llicense

    Found another new license pending ... ULS Application - Public Safety Pool, Trunked - 0005152455 - GREENE, COUNTY OF
  8. Mtnrider

    Greene County jail

    Here's a good one.....anyone that hears the Sheriff Freq (155.910) has been hearing strange sounds when there on either repeater......well seems some genius decided years ago to put the jail on the INPUT of the repeater with a DPL.....what were they thinking...it came to light when the jail...