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grundig satellite 750

  1. R

    Uniden BCD536HP Discovery

    It seems that when I review my discovery certain frequency shut's down my Uniden 536HP. I wanted to hear 134.100mhz aircraft and it shut down my scanner. Has anyone else had the scanner shut down during review?
  2. C

    Problem with Grundig Satellit 750 - No Volume - Need Schematic Diagram

    Hello All I'm having problems with the SW receiver Grundig Satellit 750. At first the radio appeared to loose the volume intermittently, then it started to loose the signal for all the bands, now it does not have volume and when it does, it is like is not receiving any signal at all. The SWR...
  3. M

    New with the Grundig Satellit-750

    Hello there! I am new to this site and relatively new to shortwave. I used to listen on an old handheld my dad had, but recently upgraded to a Grundig Satellit-750. I've tried using it before but have had a hard time picking up frequencies on SW, LW, and SSB (FM and AM are no problem at all)...
  4. carddude99

    signal to noise ratio comparison between eton e1 and grundig satellit 750

    Can anyone help me out on this one. I keep hearing that the 750 even without some of the E1 features has a much lower noise ratio to signal than the E1. What are the specs on this, what do they mean and what do you conclude from the comparison. Thanks so much Daniel