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  1. SlipNutz15

    EDACS on Motorola radio

    I've seen a forum post somewhere that says you CAN monitor an EDACS system with a Motorola radio but something about wide-WACN setting hex edit? Can this actually be done for a non-affiliate scan an EDACS system with an APX?
  2. MedicDavid78

    Hickory PD Info

    Does anyone know if Hickory Police Dept/Hickory Public Safety has changed any of their channels? The system info can be found here: Hickory Public Safety. I ask because I’ve been doing some testing for the past hour close to downtown Hickory and I’ve tried all 3 channels listed in the DB using...
  3. MedicDavid78

    Harris planning protest over Florida’s award of SLERS P25 system to Motorola

    Interesting article I saw this morning. The other day it was announced Motorola was getting the contract for the Florida State-wide SLERS system, and Harris is planning to fight it! Harris declares plan to protest Florida intent to award large P25 contract to Motorola Solutions | P25 content...
  4. F

    HARRIS P5100 programming question

    I got a p5100 from my fire dept. we got a whole bunch at the station. they've been decommissioned and out of service for some years. I charged one up last night and powered it on It works but Its the old analog edacs. I know from what I read online. the radio is capable of monitoring our new...
  5. mgolden2

    Antenna Question

    Good evening, everyone. I have a question regarding the antenna on an XG25 and XG75. My department recently purchased a large quantity of these radios (trunked, P25 800 MHz for use on the Kansas City MARRS radio system) and we were told by our radio shop person that the hi-gain antennas (the...
  6. kb4cvn

    [OT] Bit of a mishap at Harris

    Looks like someone clearing snow did not have a very good time. I took these at lunch today over at the Harris Customer Integration Center (aka: "the factory") just west of Lynchburg, after the recent snowstorm.
  7. jcop225

    Programming software for Momentum HDM150

    I know the Harris/Tait deal might have thrown a wrench into this but does anyone have a contact for a dealer that I could still buy the Momentum programming software from. I have the UHF HDM150 which is a rebadged Hytera MD-782 but requires different "Harris" software to program it. Thanks.
  8. J

    If I buy a Harris radio used by Public Safety System, will I be able to listen?

    Or will I have to have the radio programmed? Because I Could just scan the 800 mHz band right? I am just wondering because it has a simple concept.
  9. T

    M7300 interfacing with Industronic PAGA system

    Hi guys, I've been looking for a solution which will connect Harris M7300 desktop station to an Industronic PAGA system. Does anynoe have related experience? any help is welcomed!!
  10. Radioman96p71

    Unity XG-100p Bluetooth options

    Wondering what headset/earpiece units anyone has good luck with. I have the radio paired with a normal off the shelf cell phone headset but the mic audio isn't routed to the radio and there is no PTT function, so i'm wondering, what accessories are out there that work the best for radios like...
  11. SCPD

    Harris P7100 programming

    Anyone know anything about programing a harris p7100 if so contact me I'm looking to get one programmed. Thank you. I'd admin does not approve please delete.
  12. M

    St. Tammany Parish

    Hello I was wanting to know if STPSO and STFD will be switching to P25 anytime soon. I was also wanting to know if anyone would know which radio they would recommend to me in order to listen to ProVoice. PS: A guy from Harris told me that they were thinking of switching, but I haven't seen him...
  13. K

    Harris P7300 or Motorola XTS5000

    I wanted to see everybodys opion on these radios. Take a vote on the one you like the best and tell me why you choose that radio. Do you like it becasue of the features or because its not bulky? Tell me what you think.
  14. K


    This is a most interesting low power HF system using 954 FCC licensed frequencies. It is a derivation of a Harris waveform and protocol. http://www.hysky.com Does anyone have a recording of the HF signal? Is there a list on RadioReference of the FM stations they use to broadcast their...
  15. bryan_herbert

    West Palm Beach Looking To Dump Police Radio System, Alliance

    WEST PALM BEACH — For several weeks in spring, a banshee*-like wail intermittently drowned out police radios in West Palm Beach. Mystified technicians tracked the problem to a cheap fix to the radio system in neighboring Palm Beach. West Palm Beach looking to dump police radio system, alliance
  16. K

    New Challenge

    Hello all, I have been given an...interesting...challenge to work through. I was recently informed that an agency I am working with will be receiving the new Harris Unity system for the Incident Management Teams. That said, one of our biggest necessities is the ability to deploy portable...
  17. H

    Best Multiband P25 Capable Radio

    Hi i am wondering what is the best radio to purchase. The choices are as follows: 1. Motorola APX 7000 with VHF/UHF/700/800 RX/TX 2. Thales Liberty 3. Harris Unity XG-100P If you think there is a better radio that has at least P25 and VHF/UHF/800 operation as well as being programable without a...
  18. Eastern_Com

    Good Morning from slippery New York!!!

    Hello one and all! I have been on this for the past few months and learned some valuable information. I just recently graduated college and have taken a job at Eastern Communications Ltd. which is located in Long Island City, New York! This is a awesome opportunity to take part in something...
  19. A

    Trusted Resources for Used EDACS equipment?

    Other than FMR Inc (which does not have our radio model in stock) does anyone know of a trusted place to get used or refurb'd P7100's model numbers: HT7150S81X, or: MAHT-S81NX or even p5100's in the 800mhz band? Batteries and chargers are not really needed since we have those coming out of our...
  20. B

    Another Open Sky Article

    Huh.... I thought this radio system didn't work????? Oh well. What do I know? Chase travels through Pontiac, ends in crash in Independence Township - The Oakland Press News > Cops & Courts: The best place for news in and around Oakland County