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  1. J

    I bought my Provoice update, now what?

    I finally brought myself to purchasing the Uniden ProVoice upgrade for my BCD436HP scanner. I installed it, and everything seems nice and dandy until I don't know what to do! I am rather new to this radio situation, and this forum has been my main source of information for my questions regarding...
  2. A

    Uniden BCD436HP in Maui

    Just bought the uniden BCD436HP and I'm trying to program it to listen in Upcountry Maui. Zip Code 96768. Is anybody here having any luck at all in Hawaii with this scanner? Thank you in advance.
  3. W

    Hawaii / Honolulu police monitoring?

    Hello Group: Visiting Honolulu with my Uniden Home Patrol. The radio is receiving many types of traffic however, none of which is police traffic. Sure was hoping to hear Hawaii 50 in action! Any ideas on what is going on here? Many thanks, Scott
  4. S

    P25 Ham Repeater - Big Island

    Open repeaters handling both analog and digital P25 146.880 -600khz Offset PL:100.0 NAC:BAD 444.725 +5Mhz Offset PL:123.0 NAC:BAD Both repeaters are Motorola Quantars.
  5. bcd396t_Honolulu


    I monitor PACMERS utilizing all the frequencies listed on the radio reference database. These frequencies fall between 406-411 MHz. I am also picking up PACMERS transmissions such as Range Control and MP's on the following frequencies: 419.85 MHz, 417.5625 MHz, 415.975 MHz, 415.1875 MHz...