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  1. rvacs

    SDS-200 - Late night private listening suggestions / variable audio

    Hello All, Got my new SDS-200 Love it!! Trying to listen in bed thinking about getting a pillow speaker to not wake my wife - any ideas thoughts? Also is there anything you can do to get audio to similar volumes...some channels come in louder than others....doubt it but thought I would ask...
  2. P

    ear buds for BC396XT

    Hi, I am wondering if anyone has any ear buds that they like for the BC396XT. I had the listen only ear piece from scanner master in the past, but it fell apart on me and never fit my ear correctly. I am not looking for expensive ones just some that work well and are portable as opposed...
  3. P

    Headphone audio: HomePatrol vs 996

    I'm considering one of the above scanners, and I'd like to hear from someone who has BOTH models. I have a BCD396XT, and when I listen with headphones, each time a channel becomes active, the audio comes on with a pop; it's really irritating to the point where I can't listen for long. Can...
  4. N

    92XLT headphone problems

    On my Uniden UBC92XLT Scanner there has been a problem that has very recently started happening. If the headphones/line in is fully inserted to the scanner's headphone port then I start hearing the sound on both the scanners internal speaker and the headphones/line in If I partially insert the...
  5. W4EMS

    Using car radio AUX jack

    Anyone ever tried using a headphone splitter and reversed it to input both iPod and scanner so that both play through the car radion speakers? Thanks.
  6. K

    996 No Audio Issue

    Hello, One of my units a 996 ending in s/n 832 has no audio coming out of the speaker, headphones plugged in do just fine. I've tried power cycling the unit, plugging in and unplugging headphones and no luck. I've seen the other threads on this and wondering if there is any other solution...