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help required

  1. C

    can find my manual think it is prefix 318z

    Just got first scanner given to me. Think it is a bc318z but cant find this prefix anywhere. need help. it is a uniden trunktrackerIII has bearcat and nascar symbols on it. serial number starts with 318z. trying to find a manual for it. any help would be great
  2. J

    BC75XLT troubleshooting HELP

    when the scanner turns on it doesnt do the original opening up screen where it shows the copyright page it goes directly to the "scan" screen where it shows all the banks 1-10 on the top of the screen and LocOut on the screen and i have tried resetting and unlocking and it still has not changed.
  3. B

    sarnia ont fire dept

    Can anyone tell me if SFD has switched frequenies and if so where can I find them now. Thanks.