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  1. mgolden2

    Hollywood Casino at Kansas Speedway

    Has anyone seen any frequencies for the new Hollywood Casino thats opening up February 3? They are owned by Penn National Gaming, Inc. I tried doing a search using both names (Hollywood Casino, Penn National Gaming, and PNG) with no luck. Are these comms usually encrypted? Thanks!
  2. D

    Question about finding a feed

    Sorry if this is the wrong forum for this post but I'm wondering about the Los Angeles feeds on the site and if there are any here or elsewhere that cover Hollywood?
  3. K

    Lady Gaga’s Hollywood concert prompts concern from LAPD

    After last night's flash mob riot with Kaskade that shut down Hollywood Blvd. for three hours, the Lady Gaga concert in conjunction with the Jimmy Kimmel live show has LAPD worried tonight. Lady Gaga Last night was some good listening on LAPD Citywide Tac 2, so if the Little Monsters get out...
  4. T

    Hollywood Police

    I am looking for information on Hollywood police and if something is in the works to add it to the Broward County scanner list? Thanks
  5. Pendarvis69

    L.A. TV/Film/Entertainment Frequencies

    Does anyone have a good source (or private collection) of cool Los Angeles area frequencies not usually published in a normal database? Specifically- I'm interested in: Movie Production/TV Production (The wireless mics they use as well as gneral filming communiaction) Also - Television and radio...
  6. davef3138

    County, Township at odds over tower

    The tower in question holds one of the sites in the ARMER Carver/Scott subsystem: Who should take over radio tower: County or township? | StarTribune.com
  7. poltergeisty

    Actors who actully See The Big Picture!

    http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,476165,00.html Just got banned from a predominantly Liberal forum so I'm venting. :lol: Was my 4th ban for nothing!!