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home patrol 1

  1. kf6olc

    HP-1: Question: How do I transfer my recored audio files to the HP Sentinel?

    I would like to transfer all my audio recordings from my HP-1 to the HP Sentinel. I thought that when I synced this during my updates that this would do this automatically. It's not doing this. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks,KF6OLC
  2. F

    HP-1: HomePatrol 1 - Will it recieve Dinwiddie VA & VSP

    I'm looking to purchase a HomePatrol 1 Scanner and wondering if it will receive all the following; Dinwiddie County, VA Sheriff's Department, Fire & EMS (all VHF digital) VA State Police 1st Division (VHF digital trunked) Prince George County, VA Police, Fire & EMS (UHF analog) Petersburg, VA...
  3. D

    HP-1: Audio randomly stops

    I have a HP-1 which has a problem with it's audio. The audio will randomly stop after 10-15 minute of use. 1) When checked the volume setting still displays full volume. 2) The display continue to scan and indicate traffic then restart. 3) All other visible indications are the unit is...
  4. R

    SLATER Antenna? I'm in Kirkwood... INSIDE

    I have had a radio shack discone lashed to my chimney for years, and before the rebanding it worked well - too well, I had to put an FM trap on to hear the riots last year. I'm using a Pro-197 on my desk, set to scan with a well shielded line to the roof. Then, the change happened... I have...
  5. B

    Newbie general antenna question

    I just purchased a Home Patrol 1 scanner and am in the process of picking a mobile antenna out for it. My question is, is there a specification to compare when trying to find out which has a better distance to pick up signals? Sorry for my lack of better wording, I couldn't think of a better way...
  6. B

    Digital scanner antenna suggestions

    I just purchased a Home Patrol 1 scanner to use in my vehicle and am curious for suggestions on the best antenna to use for a Phase 1 system as well as some older analog frequencies. I would prefer a NMO mount which I already have. Thanks for all advice.
  7. G

    home patrol one help!!!

    I am just a rookie when it comes to police scanners. I have recently bought a uniden home patrol one. The symptom I have been having is that when I program a certain station into my scanner it never does anything. I have never downloaded sentenial, there for I have not updated the scanner since...
  8. EricCottrell

    HP1 Extreme - Problem with P25 control channels during Limit Search

    Hello, The frequency not changing is the only indication when the HP1 stops on a P25 control channel during a limit search. The audio is muted since it is trying to decode P25 Audio. The HP1 appears to only display the NAC when there is actual audio. The lack of feedback on P25 control...
  9. F

    Home Patrol Multi-Site Site Selection

    Hello All, Just got my HomePatrol, and I love it. I can't figure out how to manually select which site to listen to in a multi-site Motorola trunked system. I get that it chooses sites based on location, but what if I want to override that and manually choose which sites it scans and which it...
  10. T

    Homepatrol in New Orleans

    Anybody using the hp1 in the New Orleans area? I would like to pick up the Kenner police Which is on the p25 system trucked. Is there a difference between homepatrol and Homepatrol-1?
  11. G

    Home Patrol issues

    Got my new Home Patrol last week and I'm finding some difficulties in operating it and the Sentinel software. First problem is I see no way of adding newly found frequencies when running in discovery mode to a favorites list. When using the Sentinel software and reviewing the discovery log, I...
  12. J

    Dodge county Ga.

    Dodge county sheriffs ofc. Went to a new digital system. My question is how do i get the frequency and how do i get it programmed to my scanner. The county Sheriff doesnt wish for the new frquency to get out to the public. I am using a Home Patrol .Any answers? Thanks
  13. W

    Home patrol 1 & garmin gps18x PC

    I have been scanning with the BC200xlt and have just purchased the home patrol 1 and extreme upgrade. I purchased the garmin gps 18x PC to use while I drive cross country. I see that it needs special adapters to connect to home patrol 1. Does anyone have the information on those adapters and...
  14. M

    BCD396XT and Garmin Map 330

    New to scanning, thought I'd share my first experiences thus far... I'm using FreeScan to program and even dug out my old Garmin Map 330 which was awesome this weekend on our trip to our Nation's Capital. I considered purchasing the gps puck but thought I'd locate old faithful and give it a...
  15. joefil

    Database updates

    When uploading a new database update to the HP1, are frequencies in your favorites also updated as well? Thanks
  16. joefil

    Rebanding the HP-1

    Somehat confused about what I need to do to update my HP-1 after the Conn State Police rebanded. I have the most current firmware and I also have both the Sentinel and ARC patrol software.. Or do I just start from scratch? Thanks