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  1. H

    CB Radio Home Base

    Hello, I'm new to CB Radio, as well as this forum. I am looking for a CB Radio for a home setup. I'm looking for one with a high output, so I can achieve a good distance signal. I would like it to be below $200 if possible, and I also am looking for a powerful antenna, that I could mount on...
  2. nated1992

    DYI Scanner antenna

    So i have recently experimented with making my own antenna, I believe i have been pretty successful in my creations with the average reception ranging for 20-40 miles, Even more impressive due to the fact i live in a mountainous region. 1 I used a aluminum tube and some coax, I toke about 10...
  3. P

    First scanner questions ??

    I'm looking to buy a scanner.I love listening on here not to just the normal radio calls but alot of times i pick up the narcotics guys in northeast and prostitioun stings.But i;d rather listen to the philly cops in the bad parts like kensington and all of that.I also live in delco so to listen...
  4. KK4LQX

    Motorola Spectra Antenna

    Hello All, I have a Motorola Spectra VHF Radio, Model No: D43KXA7JA5BK, 136.0 - 162.0 MHz, 50 Watts, that I have installed in my house. I am looking for a nice antenna that can handle the entire frequency range of this radio to install on the roof of my house. I live in a neighborhood that...
  5. carddude99

    apco 25 on home patrol by uniden

    I have a Home Patrol. The only apco 25 system is military and it has signal as I can see on the bar, but nothing comes out except a little click noise. Does that mean it is encrypted. Isn't Apco 25 supposed to be recieved on a digital scanner? Anyone from the Northwest, can you help me here...
  6. shortbus91

    live audo

    how long it take too get approved to brodcast ur scanner
  7. F

    Centre county going digital

    So I just found out that Centre county Pa is going digital by march 2011. This is going to be good for the people that use the radios however for those of us that like to hear whats going on it is going to be a real pain having to buy new scanners. So here is the question, What "digital"...