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  1. D

    Red Pitaya stand alone TRX "DiscoRedTRX"

    Hello everyone, my name is Wolfgang, located in Germany (DH1AKF). With assistance of a hard working programmer, Pavel Demin (Belgium, Catholic University Louvain), we developed together a stand alone solution, consisting of the Red Pitaya and a STM32F7Disco board with touchscreen. I invite you...
  2. E

    Cheap,effective mobile UHF 1/4 wave Milair antenna....

    I recently had a spare Wilson 2000 CB antenna and made use of it by taking just the bottom 10 inch shaft with 3/8 threads and using a 3/8 magmount works good for mobile or portable use for uhf milair-is more broadbanded than a standard say 102 whip cut down because the diameter is at least twice...
  3. Lawman51

    NVIS Antenna

    We used these in the military and got pretty good results for the medium range transmit region. I have been looking around and have found a design I am planning on building and just wanted to know if anyone has built their own NVIS antenna and how they liked the performance, any issues that...
  4. n3617400

    Homebrew on Homepatrol-1

    I patched firmware of HP1 for load and execute third-party code. Homebrew on HomePatrol-1 - YouTube
  5. bReed11091

    Homebrew LEO Satellite Antenna

    I'm working on building some yagi antennas based on the AMSAT instructions, but I'm having trouble finding something to use for the elements. Radio Shack doesn't sell aluminum ground wire anymore and finding it locally has been somewhat difficult. Before I go any further, I want to get some...