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  1. J

    Need schematic of audio section HomePatrol 1

    I've got a homepatrol 1 with an audio problem, not the speaker. I need any type of schematic available for the audio section and headphone / line out jacks. Parts list for this area would be great too. I've done a lot of googling to no avail. Thanks. Jayb@aol.com
  2. S

    SIM Montreal fire on Homepatrol 1

    hi i would like to knoe if i can listen to montreal fire dept on my HP-1
  3. n3617400

    Homebrew on Homepatrol-1

    I patched firmware of HP1 for load and execute third-party code. Homebrew on HomePatrol-1 - YouTube
  4. K

    Digital Audio and Discriminator tap

    It's been a long time since I've done any real upgrading to new technology for scanners, so I am certain my questions will seem like they just stepped off the good ship S.S. DUH. But here goes: 1) About a year ago I bought a HomePatrol scanner, based on the ease of programming it supposedly...
  5. A

    homepatrol-1 metadata

    Does anyone know the steps for adding metadata to the livestream? the program I use is RadioFeed. (sending audio via Line out port), also maybe make this a sticky if there is an answer. just so other people with the same question don't ask again?
  6. K

    Uniden HomePatrol-1 Proprietary Channels

    Hi, I am using the Uniden HomePatrol-1. I am using a favorites list to pick up just the channels in my city. The problem that I am having is that my radio isn't picking up any of the channels that list "proprietary" in the channel description. The channels are in the Shiawassee County Law...
  7. mckeeb

    Site range in DB and HomePatrol

    Howdy folks, I finally bought myself a HomePatrol, and now have ALL of Indiana programmed in a scanner (something I could never get done with my 396XT). Upon entering my zip, it loaded up some channels and was off scanning. Sitting next to my 396XT I noticed it spent more time holding on...
  8. C

    Homepatrol Programing Ocean County

    I am looking for some help with programming my Uniden HomePatrol for Ocean County Trunking. I have added the system to the scanner yet I receive no talk on the talk groups in police fire or EMS. Can someone help, I thought it was an issue with services selection but they seem to be OK. Any...
  9. P

    Headphone audio: HomePatrol vs 996

    I'm considering one of the above scanners, and I'd like to hear from someone who has BOTH models. I have a BCD396XT, and when I listen with headphones, each time a channel becomes active, the audio comes on with a pop; it's really irritating to the point where I can't listen for long. Can...