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  1. M

    Not receiving all transmissions

    Hi, I have been listening to a great feed on Broadcastify for my area in Sudbury, ON. The feed has OPP, MTO, and city fire (https://www.broadcastify.com/listen/feed/24701). While it's a great feed, I am really only interested in listening to the fire department. I purchased a used...
  2. N

    Wilmington in the database

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE - would one of the database admins who understands the Wilmington system please fix it. The problem - Wilmington, although "technically" part of the State system now, is a separate system. So the programming in the Uniden scanners does not allow you to listen to Wilmington...
  3. B

    HomePatrol HELP Roanoke Virginia

    I got a Uniden HomePatrol for Christmas and the box says "Instantly Listen to Police Fire and Rescue"..... Yeah maybe I'm doing something wrong but I can not pick up Roanoke County Police Fire Rescue Project 25 says its on there but no radio traffic and Salem Police Fire and Rescue doesn't...
  4. rvacs

    HP-2: Uniden how about Promoting your NEW PRODUCT - HP2 ??

    Sorry this is just a ramble - but want Uniden to Read.... Please update your website for HomePatrol Does not reflect anything about the HomePatrol 2 - just mentions the HP-1 - No mention at all of HP-2. (No even support listings for HP-2). Now I know they are pretty much the same except for...
  5. Astrogoth13

    HP-2: HP-2 Goods and bads

    Well, I just got my HP-2 via UPS yesterday. It came in a surprisingly small box the size of two bricks in a pile. The unit itself is very well made and feels it. The big display is not the best but works well for what it tries to do. The antenna connector is sturdy and the battery compartment is...
  6. C

    Do both versions of the HomePatrol support the RWC?

    I'm looking at the wikis, and the page on the RWC states that HomePatrol can receive the RWC, but not the HP2. The HP2's page also mentions that it can pick up P25 Phase II, but doesn't mention Phase I. I'm looking for a scanner that can pick up the system, since my BC796D Can't hear it and is a...
  7. J

    Homepatrol 1 Question

    Hello! I am returning to the scanner hobby. I had a Radio Shack 800 mhz scanner back in the early 90's and loved it! I recently got my Ham license and became re-interested in listening to scanners. I just got a great deal on a brand new Homepatrol 1 and I want to listen to the Springboro...
  8. rescue3510


    Can anyone tell me if Indiana is APCO PHASE 2? I have a Uniden HomePatrol 1 and also will I be able to monitor using the HomePatrol 1 or will I have to upgrade to the HomePatrol II? Just moving into Indiana and was wanting to start to monitor right away. Does anyone know a way to upgrade the...
  9. H

    Trouble Scanning Halton Region Trunk

    I am having trouble with my HomePatrol-1 "enabling" Halton Region Trunk. I have a GPS attached to the HomePatrol. It does "enable" Halton's trunked system, but only when I'm near Milton, Oakville, etc, but not near Halton Hills or Georgetown. And I noticed that the GPS locations for the towers...
  10. Astrogoth13

    HP-1: HomePatrol-1/2 internal GPS mod?

    I was looking here: VK16E Module Gmouse GPS Module SIRF3 Chip GPS Module w Ceramic Antenna TTL Level | eBay I wonder if we could bypass the serial port on the back of an HP scanner and mount one of these boards inside to provide GPS location data all the time? 5 wires, two for power, one...
  11. A

    HomePatrol Opelika AL Trunking Issue

    I have some general familiarity with scanners and bought my wife the Homepatrol so she could listen to the Opelika activity when I was not available to help her. I got it thinking the radio would be simple to use. I have set up a Favorites list that includes Opelika, and also includes all the...
  12. R

    Peel and Homepatrol....

    Without getting into the encryption end of it, some simple questions ( no definative answers in other posts that I can see..... ) As of this date for the Peel P25 system, 1 - Peel police divisional dispatching is not encrypted - yes or no? 2 - Will the Uniden Homepatrol work for those freqs...
  13. O

    Create new favorites list for HP-1 in Sentinel

    Hello, Could someone please provide a simple procedure for creating a new favorites list in Sentinel for frequencies which are not in the database. I can create a new favorites list, but I am unable to enter any frequencies. I could not find this information in the Sentinel manual or in the...
  14. A

    antenna booster for hp-1

    I am looking to find a good antenna booster for my homepatrol-1. I am a provider and (by audience request) need to add APD to the feed. I live 10 miles away from the towers and nothing comes in. I know that I have the correct APD freq. because I went there and I got a ton of hits. I am wondering...
  15. A

    HP-1 programing help

    I am trying to find a police dept. (thats not on the database because the recently changed freq.) I have a strong feeling they are on 769.53125 and 799.53125. They said they run Conventional with digital audio(?) What I am wondering is if the Homepatrol with the extreme update will allow me to...
  16. D

    Broadcasting with the Uniden HomePatrol - Tag Support?

    I have seen this question posed before but I either haven't seen any answers to this question or the answer was from 2011 or earlier and things may have changed since then. Right now I am using K1PGV's quite excellent utility ScannerCast to stream my scanner to RadioReference which I...
  17. T

    Homepatrol in New Orleans

    Anybody using the hp1 in the New Orleans area? I would like to pick up the Kenner police Which is on the p25 system trucked. Is there a difference between homepatrol and Homepatrol-1?
  18. cuppa-joe

    HomePatrol Virtual Control with Web Browser

    HPe-rc, a cross-platform command-line utility for the HomePatrol Extreme, has been updated to include web browser-based virtual control. There is a Web UI demo at YouTube and documentation/downloads are available from the HPe-rc homepage.
  19. T

    Uniden HomePatrol GPS Cable Issue

    I'm having an issue with my Uniden HomePatrol GPS cable on the male end. It will go in the port, but is very loose and falls out. It's a rather poor place to locate the port, the way it is now makes it easy to snag the cable as well. Does anyone have any solutions for this? Thanks!
  20. w1uxi

    Help with HP1 and mem card

    I just bought the Homepatrol-1and many are talking about a 2gig memory card. My question is 'where is it'. I can hear you laughing about this one. Thanks.