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howard county

  1. jwheatley

    Howard County P25 Update

    P-25 radio project nearing completion
  2. 1

    Howard County Chase

    Howard County Deputies and Highway Patrol are searching for a male suspect that are is down around the river and on roads around county road 304. Also they believe that the suspect may have gotten into a black truck and they also have Saline County Deputies on standby incase that he has went...
  3. 1

    Fire In Howard County

    There has been a fire at Highway 5 & 240 in Howard County call came in at 9:20 P.M. There has had some explosions and they are shutting down all lanes of Highway 5 because of the explosions. I will be updating this post as I get more information. At 9:35 heard the Howard County Sheriff's talking...
  4. 1

    Howard County,Missouri Frequencies To Program In

    Hello ladies and Gentlemen I live in Rocheport,MO and I have an Digital Trunking Scanner and Analog radio scanner. *** I am going to give you the quick run down of what frequencies to put into scanner for this county. For *Howard County Sherriffs put in Frequency 151.2500 you will definitely...
  5. imabusyma

    Thank you Howard Co., IN volunteer!

    I live in Kokomo, IN. Our feed was down for quite a long time as the previous volunteer stopped providing feed. I'm not sure if the old provider started providing feed again or if we have a new volunteer in this area. I just want to say thank you, whoever you are, for stepping up to volunteer to...
  6. AC2C

    New User - Howard County, Maryland

    I'm new to the group and have tried a forum search but did not get what I was looking for. I'd like to discuss some scanner issues with other in Howard County, MD. Please email me: AC2C [at] Verizon [dot] Net Thanks, Ron, AC2C