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  1. N1DDC

    HT-1250LS question

    Good day all, A few days ago I purchased an HT-1250LS UHF handheld, was excited to get it, hooked it up to CPS & much to my dismay discovered that it doesn't do MDC-1200 (which I rely on heavily for Radio ID's and repeater functions & such...), it will do MDC-1200 in LTR Trunking mode but not...
  2. J


    i found this radio on ebay A05B Motorola New Model HT1250LS AAH25RDH9DP5AN 16CH UHF Walkie Talkie Radio | eBay i was hoping that someone would be able to tell me if i cant put these frequencies on it 478.2375 451.850 478.1875 472.96250
  3. S

    HT1250 LS+ Programming Question

    I am a newbie to all of this so hopefully I dont make a fool of myself... :) Question is I am trying to program my portable HT1250LS+ and was able to get my hands on some software... but was wondering if the software was able to program my radio... Specs Below: HT1250LS+ Firmware Version...