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  1. J

    TC-780 2 Tone Paging

    I am trying to program several HYT TC-780 radios. I was told by the dealer that I purchased the radios from that the radios are capable of having a 2 tone pager that is closed (will not broadcast audio until a call is received) however I have not been able to find out how to program this. Any...
  2. B

    HYT TC-500S U(2)

    I have come by 5 of these little jewels and have no software to support them. Can anybody shed some light on this product Thanks BC
  3. H

    HYT TC-610 frequency range

    i got this radio: TC-610 TC-610 - For Business Customer - Hytera Communications Corporation Limited the actual model name is TC-610U(2) with firmware V1.03.10 and it has a sticker stating frequency of 450-470MHz. I would like to have the radio in range 440-470MHz, but the programming software...
  4. 1

    RCA BR250 Programming

    Hi, i have an RCA BR250 which appears to be a HYT TC-508 with an RCA Logo. Does anyone know if HYT programming software/cables will work with this radio? If so, where can i get a hold of these items?
  5. S

    TC-780 Programming in Windows 8

    Has anyone figured out a way to program an HYT TC-780 in Windows 8? My original laptop died and my programming cable is built on a Prolific USB to Serial chipset PL2303HXA which is not supported in Windows 8 nor will it ever be in the future according to Prolific as Rev A is a discontinued...
  6. W

    Hytera SafeSyt Opinions

    We are looking possibly going with the Hytera solution for digital and wanted to see if anyone has implemented any Hytera DMR systems and in particular are you using the SafeSyt software with their integrated GPS. If there are any users out their can you please elaborate a little on your...