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icom ic-f80

  1. L

    Problem with Programming Icom IC-F80DS

    Hi guys, I am new here so welcome everybody. and sorry to ask for a help straight after registration but I struggle with this a lot. I purchased used icom-f80ds p25 radio from ebay for almost nothing. It seems like a nice radio, durable and biger than other radios I have, but I cannot get it...
  2. ka9rxk

    Icom IC-F80DT Firmware Versions

    Hi, I just purchased an Icom IC-F80DT, and I would like to know if I have the latest version of firmware. When I hold down my "P0" and "P3" buttons at power up, the unit displays: REV 3.0 Sum 60C4 P25 REV 2.5u I also received a copy of the programming software. It is Icom CS-F70/1700...
  3. E

    Icom ic-f70d

    I have just aquired an Icom IC-F70D radio with AES & DES encryption ready programmed with activation code via KVL keyloader enabling full encryption mode. Can anyone tell me if I can programme a second IC-F70D via an (OPC-1536) Cloning Cable to enable the encryption to work the second radio...