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icom programming

  1. F

    Rookie Needs Help

    So, here is the situation. I am new to amateur and commercial radios and their respective programming applications. I just purchased an iCom F-6021 UHF radio, and the programming software as well as a USB cable that plugs into the microphone port on the radio to interface it with the PC. So...
  2. T

    Icom IC F121 400 MHZ?

    Does anyone know if the Icom IC F121 radio will transmit or receive on a 400 MHZ frequency? I put one in and set it as primary and when the radio is not scanning or I try to key it it blinks the frequencies ID on the screen... Is this because it won't accept the 400+ frequency or because I have...
  3. B

    Front Panel Select of PL/DPL?

    We're considering some Icom commerical rigs and would like to program them with a few channels in the amateur frequencies. My question is can you set the transceiver up so you can easily (easily is the operable word) field program the PL or DPL. Why? For each common repeater pair, you don't have...