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  1. E

    How do I erase the airplane mode from a Motorola iDEN phone?

    Even when I'm pretty sure it's embedded within the OS, I would like to know if it is technically possible (maybe 're-writing' the devices) to erase the airplane mode from 2 iDEN phones: Motorola i680 and Motorola i415. If it is possible, how do I do that? Thanks for your comments.
  2. Z

    Alliant Energy Radio System

    Noticed that the licenses for Alliant Energy (Wisconsin Power & Light Co.) have DMR emissions. Are they moving off of their Iden network & going capacity or connect plus?
  3. jpryor

    The death of 800 MHz Nextel iDEN network (in pictures-spectrum view before and after)

    I have attached an SDRSharp spectrum view showing the before and after picture from the death of the 800 MHZ Nextel iDEN network this weekend. Sprint shut down the Nextel iDEN network this morning Sunday, June 30th at 12:01 AM. The spectrum view captures iDEN activity as seen between 862-865...
  4. A

    Mototola i355 antenna question

    I have some motorola i355 phones that i use for the off-network direct talk feature. I know that motorola makes a factory extended antenna for this phone but im looking for some better antennas that i can get even more range on. I also know of the Yagi antenna and the Omni antenna but these are...
  5. SCPD

    Motorola May Split into 3 Companies

    http://www.nytimes.com/2009/11/12/technology/companies/12motorola.html Motorola, which has said it wants to split into two separate companies, is exploring a three-way split instead in order to raise cash and pay down debt.