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  1. L

    2012 Impala Police install question

    I recently purchased a 2012 Impala police car. I am installing 2 scanners in it. I found information in a manual that came from GM that you can connect aftermarket radio equipment to the car stereo speakers. After a little digging, I found the wires in the passenger/front foot well. It...
  2. billreitan

    Looking for trunk mount for 2009 Impala

    I'm debating installing a either trunk mount antenna, which the whip may interfere with the rear window. I'm also considering using a 90 degree bracket on the side of the trunk. Just looking for suggestions from others.
  3. WQLU507

    2008 Impala SS

    Finally got around to washing and waxing the Impala, so figured it was picture time. The equipment is pretty basic: Uniden 996T with a RH-96 and Deluo GPS unit with hacked together cord Antenna (center) is a Motorola HAF4017A whip painted black with PlastiDip to match the two Wilsons...
  4. A

    2006 Impala LTZ Install Question

    Hi Everyone, I have a quick question involving my 2006 Impala LTZ Console Shift. I would like to mount a mobile radio nicely and discretely so it does not look whackerish. I was thinking about doing a double din setup with a mobile head and a new am/fm hd radio. If anyone has experience with...
  5. A

    Ignition Relay

    I need a relay for my radio equipment. This is how it has to work...I turn on my key, all my equipment comes on. I have one spot on my fuse box for the relay trigger. I have 3 items I need to turn on...A Motorola CDM1250, Uniden BCT15, and a GPS. Any ideas?
  6. newsphotog

    Taking care of black cars

    Me and my black Impala are entering marriage counseling. I've had this car for two years and it's seen its fair share of dings, dents, and chips. I take the task of maintaining my car very seriously. I like it to look good and I want it to have good resale value. So it's frustrating to say the...