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  1. W

    Importing HP2 list?

    Has anyone successfully imported a favorites list yet from a Home Patrol 2 to their brand new SDS100? I have 5 or 6 very customized favorites list and hope to avoid a lot of typing again when I purchase the new toy.
  2. J

    Baofeng / Chirp / RadioRef error

    Using chirp to program Baofeng UV-5R I am able to import from all zip codes in my area except the zip codes in one particular county. If I select ANY zip code in Tazewell County, IL I get the following error: <unknown>:1:1401: not well-formed (invalid token) This has been going on for a few...
  3. A

    Can Unitrunker be smarter about channel numbers in P25 imports from RR?

    As I understand it, P25 sites each have a "band plan," which is used to set the relationship between channel number and frequency. If you listen to a new site OTA with Unitrunker, you'll quickly get the logical channel numbers (LCNs) for the control and voice channels for the site you are...
  4. M

    Facts on Uniden Scanners from Customs Import Declaration and Container Data

    Some interesting facts about our Uniden Scanners. From Point A to Point B to Texas. Customs Declaration and Container Data from US Customs Import Data from Port Examiner. BCD396XT , BCD996XT , BC355N , BC75XLT , BC125AT VESSEL NAME: MOL MAGNIFICENCE -...
  5. P

    How to Import .gr5 pro197 data to pro-18??

    Thanks so much for reading this. I have a completed program list for my 197 and now i need that exact thing on the pro18. Cant find anyway to import the .gr5 file. I converted to CSV and cant find way to import that file. All I can find is on a talkgroup tab is import and it looks like...
  6. J

    New Scanner coming.. anyone willing to share their DB for Salt Lake area?

    Hi All, I just purchased a BCT15x and it's on the way.. So I have time to read the manual online, get Freescan setup and start to learn how to put frequencies in this thing. I'm a Ham Radio operator and I know that programming radios isn't a one time thing. You end up programming it over and...
  7. Z

    ARCXT importing P25 from RR

    I am using ARCXT to program a new BCD996XT for the Minnesota statewide public service system (ARMER). If I select all the system talkgroupIDs I need, they import with group headings from the RR listing (like Statewide Interop, Zone 3 Interop, Minnesota National Guard, etc) and since there are...
  8. T

    Import problem

    I am unable to import the Hillsbourough County Sheriff trunk system from this page Hillsborough County, Florida (FL) Scanner Frequencies and Radio Frequency Reference using the new BCtool. My issue is the inability to import just this system. I can import all other selected imports but not...