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  1. P

    LaPorte County

    LaPorte county recently went to the 800mhz frequencies. The ones posted on this site don't seem to be working or I hear garble voices. I've read that the simulcasting is creating issues for scanners. I have a PRO-96. Thanks
  2. G

    Indianapolis FD-North and FD-South

    The RR database shows the TGID for FD-North is 10203 and FD-South is 10204. Lately I have not been hearing any radio traffic on FD-North (10203), but I am hearing radio traffic from units on the north side of the city on FD-South (10204). Can anyone explain this? Did TGIDs get changed for these...
  3. phallout2000

    Warrick county indiana system

    I had been told that Warrick County was going totally to the new p-25 system due to damage to their existing LTR antenna being damaged. Can anyone verify or debunk this? I have heard some p-25 transmissions, mostly sheriff dept and ems. but not enough to support the entire county.
  4. M

    Can someone summarize Indiana P25 vis a vi Safe T?

    I am in and out of the message board due to time constraints, but I have seen some conversation on here that is causing me confusion regarding Indiana and P25. I have lived in the Hoosier state for about 15 years now -- I know that we have Safe T rolled out statewide and then we just got "done"...
  5. K

    RS Pro-405

    I'm new here. Should I be able to scan my local aircraft frequencies with the Pro-405? I'm in Fort Wayne IN (KFWA, Allen County, 46802). I don't understand from what I've read if today's aircraft communications can be heard on older scanners like the Pro-405. If they can be received, are there...
  6. M

    indiana safe-t question

    There are radio IDs on the wiki page Indiana Project Hoosier SAFE-T RID 8 - The RadioReference Wiki that do not exist in the RR Safe-T "master" list documented in Indiana Project Hoosier SAFE-T Trunking System, Statewide, Multi-State - Scanner Frequencies For example, the safe-t Radio ID 37508...
  7. KokomoScanner

    Logansport & Cass Co Indiana SAFE-T Feed

    For anyone interested, I have a new feed started for Logansport & Cass County Indiana. It is broadcasting the Logansport Police Department & Cass County Sheriffs Department on the Indiana Project Hoosier SAFE-T System. It seems clear and stable. Enjoy. It is going through a stock Radio Shack...
  8. Kilmer

    Rebanding for Knox County Indiana

    Beginning Oct. 7 through Oct. 11, Knox County and the cities of Vincennes and Bicknell will undergo rebanding on their 800 Mhz system. I'm wonder if my Pro 96 will survive this new banding?
  9. A

    Signal and/or 10 code for DUI/intoxicated driver

    Does anyone know the signal or 10 code in Indiana for an intoxicated driver or prior DUI?
  10. T

    No signal on Undiden BCD396XT

    I am brand new to DMA scanning, and have spent hours reading forums and wikis to no avail. I'd be much obliged for help. I am trying to program my 396XT in Jeffersonville, IN, to listen to local transmissions. I set up a site with control and alternate channel frequencies from Floyds Knobs...
  11. R

    New User from New Palestine, IN.

    Hello folks, It appears the rebanding has crippled my poor old Uniden Bearcat/Sportcat scanner for much of what Hancock county uses. I'm looking at getting a RS Pro-164, based off what I can read about the scanner and from my research on Hancock County Indiana freqs in the database on here, I...
  12. F

    Just joined, might need some help

    Greetings; I used to be a scanner nut years ago when programming was a simple matter. Pick a channel, plug in a freq. and enjoy. I'm a railroad nut so I think programming analog in high band is still easy for me. The issue comes from programming for my local law and fire. I live in Shelby county...
  13. 6

    Question About DPL on Frequency

    I'm curious as what the DPL would be for the a second frequency. My school has given me to permission to transmit on their frequency when I help out at sporting events. If you look here at Benton County School Corporation it has 1 frequency, 155.265 with a 754 DPL Benton County, Indiana (IN)...
  14. emt0068

    Scanner offline kokomo indiana

    Who do I let know about the scanner being OFFLINE???? Love listening to the local station, it has been down since yesterday......Thanks....EMT0068
  15. D

    St. Joseph Unknow TGID's

    Im using my bcd396xt on search id while I scan and coming up with a ton of talk groups that all sound like police. I looked through the rr database and only found a couple of them. Wondering if there is a better way to refrence these so I could make alpha tags for them. Thanks.
  16. J

    Very new newbie - Indianapolis Public Safety system, help needed

    Good morning! I just purchased a Radio Shack Pro-106. Being brand new (as in no knowledge whatsoever), I knew I'd be in for a long, steep learning curve. I really think I need to pick up a "For Dummies" book to get me started, as the technology seems more daunting than any other I've tackled in...
  17. T

    Greenfield Fire Tone-out codes

    Does anyone know the greenfield fire tone-out codes? I cant find them where i work, or havent found the right person to ask and i need my pager to be working.....
  18. S

    Tippecanoe Trunking

    Hello all. I'm new to the site. Have owned a number of scanners. Currently have RS Pro-528 and Pro-95. Used Pro-95 for the longest time to trunk Tippecanoe county, worked great until they rebanded the system. I got discouraged and put the scanners in the closet. Anyway, I am looking to buy a...
  19. wdrescher

    St. Joseph Talk Groups

    I've searched everywhere to find an answer and have not found anything. I programmed my scanner for the new Indiana Safe T for St Joseph County Indiana. The talk groups listed for St Joseph County in the Database do not work. Using ID SEARCH I'm coming up with 100-1, 101-15, etc... nothing like...
  20. C

    South Bend freqs not in database

    407.7375 136.5 repeater, unknown user - found via CloseCall while at Coveleski Stadium 453.1875 CSQ repeater, related to the airport