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indoor base antenna

  1. B

    Suggest New Digital Radio

    Hello, I am looking for a new device to work on 2m & 70cm bands. I have some restrictions due to which I will have to setup my antenna indoor. I am planning to go for Diamond X50A antenna, which I will keep indoor near window. Please suggest me new digital radio and let me know if this...
  2. B

    Indoor Antenna

    Hello, I have got some restrictions due to which I cannot have my antenna outside my house. I have no other option but to build an indoor antenna. I want to make sure that I build an antenna which supports as many frequencies as possible.At least 70 cm and 2 m. I would be happy if it also...
  3. Danny37

    Indoor scanner recommendation

    Hello, I was hoping someone can steer me in the right direction. First off, I recently moved to an apartment that has very strict restrictions and I can't mount any antenna outside the window or on the roof, I can't even have an ac unit in the window because it looks "bad" and ruins the...
  4. M

    Trying to get an old cb working, Please Help

    Hello, I recently discovered an old Knight base CB in my attic that my dad and grandfather built from a kit in the 1960's. I wanted to try and get it working, so I plugged it in quickly and it hums when I turn it on. The original antenna is long gone, so I went online looking for a new one. I...