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  1. K

    How Often Do You Update Your FCC Licensee Database?

    I signed up a couple of weeks ago. I have not paid for a subscription yet because I wanted to see how long it took for you to update your database of FCC licensees. You guys are still showing my actual home address, which I made the mistake of putting down when I took and passed my Technician's...
  2. U

    Nypd transit never available for jobs!!

    Hey so I'm listening to the Transit frequency for division #4 which is districts 30/32/34 and as of 10:00am on 11/4/14 there is a huge backlog in district #32 and #34. District #32 is holding 28 jobs and district #34 is holding 16 jobs! while district #30 has only 2 jobs holding. So I was...
  3. ToDaMax

    Wisconsin Detector Help

    I'm having a hard time searching for information on locations of defect detectors in Wisconsin (Particualrly SE Wisconsin). I know the frequencies in Wisconsin and a basic map of main lines and what runs on them. But I cannot find any information on milepost or detector locations. Maybe I'm...
  4. C

    Where do I find hidden frequency info-??

    This may or may not be the correct forum,but I was wondering about something.Where in the Web enabled downloads would you find what I term missing or hidden entities frequencies-?? I've posted this particular question in several of my replys to different forum & threads answers in the past few...