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  1. babygirlpink

    scanner codes meanings?? anyone?

    Hello,I listen to a scanner in my local area Pinellas county. I hear a lot of codes and signals I can not find the meaning for.. Please don't ban be I just do not know where to look..if anyone can help me out I would really love that. Thank you so much Marine brat aka Chasity Ex: 0048...
  2. wlittle

    "This Information Available Upon Request"?

    Blame it on 25 years around fire trucks, but when the FDNY dispatches for a working fire, I can't understand what the dispatcher is saying is available upon request at the end of the transmission. Can someone tell me what information they are saying is available?
  3. cornbread33

    Tuscaloosa Alabama

    We have been Devastated by tornado's here in nw Alabama , I am back up and running on a generator , I notice Tuscaloosa Feed was down and I have added them to the Fayette Feed, Tuscaloosa DPS and Tuscaloosa Police , this is Temporary .
  4. F

    I have been hearing information on a VHF frequency of 154.190

    As of late I have been hearing information on VHF Frequency 154.190, which is sounding like FD/EMS-type chatter. I have been listening from Greeley, Weld County CO from Feb 16 to Feb 17 this year and nowhere in the immediate surrounding counties have I been able to look up information for this...