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  1. BlueDevil

    Good TNC Modem for Davis Weather Consoles

    Does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations on easy to use and economical TNC modems to use in conjunction with Davis Weather Instruments Weather Stations? I would like to set up a couple APRS Weather Stations and the only piece I am not totally familiar with is the TNC and the...
  2. M

    Barcode Scanner to Arduino/Interfacing

    So lucky to join this community. Recently I've got an old barcode scanner that I've decided that I want to connect to an Arduino Uno(for the purposes of wireless transmission). After poking around I've found some information that states that basically it should act like an old...
  3. N

    Interface PRO-2067

    Hello, Has anyone had experience interfacing one of these for a feed using channel tags? Thanks, Stan N2STC
  4. N

    Interfacing Zetron 4010 and Motorola/Kenwood Radios

    Interfacing Zetron 4010 and Motorola/Kenwood Radios Few questions: Can a Zetron 4010 be directly interfaced with Motorola CDM radios from the zetron channel card (CDM 1250 & 1550) or is a separate remote adapter needed? Other than RX/TX and PTT - what other items can be programmed to work...
  5. tvining

    Telephone to FM

    I am looking for a device (homemade, commercial, whatever) that will, when a phone rings, answer the phone, Key up the radio, broadcast whatever comes across the phone over the radio, and after 3 seconds of silence hang up the phone line. Target radio is a Motorola Astro VHF radio. Use is...
  6. A


    What is the item number for the pc interface cable for the RS Pro-97 scanner? Just got a scanner for dirt cheap and just need the interface cable to get her up and running. Thanks.
  7. T

    Pro-95 PC interface

    Hi, I recently purchased a used Pro95 scanner and programming cable (catalog #20-048). When the cable is inserted, the screen switches to clone mode, as expected. However, when I attempt to transfer data using Win95, the transfer always fails and says "expected to read back the data we just...
  8. K

    Cable TV 'Leakage' How much is too much?

    After getting the shack set up in the new house, I noticed i can pick up the analog cable tv transmissions over the air. From my research I've found its unwanted transmision from a fauly coax somewhere in the cable providers system and a small degree is allowen by the FCC. But I'm receiving it...