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  1. Z

    Frustrating mid VHF interference

    I have been experiencing interference that looks like wide-band data bursts from 120MHz - 150MHz+ which is destroying my NOAA APT captures. Here is a YouTube video of it happening: What its not: - My phone or router (tested LTE/2.4ghz/5ghz/Bluetooth) - My PC directly (only happens on outdoor...
  2. akafnulnu

    Springfield Fire

    Have been getting interference on Springfield Fire 154.175. Anyone else? I have an APX and an XTL and receive on both. Any suggestions???
  3. S

    Interference parameters based on technology

    Dear All, I am new to spectrum monitoring and would like to know which parameters are important with respect to a government regulator when scrutinizing the interference complaints received from cellular operators. After much research i came to know that in case of interference in 3G...
  4. P

    Simplex radio interference concern

    Hello everyone, I am working on an LMR radio project near the NYC area. The goal is to extent the two way radio coverage from an existing site via a hybrid DAS system to a large warehouse environment using GTR8000 base stations to generate the many simplex VHF frequencies for the client's LMR...
  5. T

    Scanner Interference

    Hi all, I have a narrowbanded Yaesu FT-2900r that I have scanning some railroad frequencies in the area and within the past year, it has started to develop this unusual interference. I've included a link in this post so everyone can take a listen. The entire setup consists of a dpdproductions...
  6. J

    What's possible with this setup? How/when to improve?

    I've just started exploring radio, and I'm totally captivated by how it works and what you can do with it. Unfortunately, I'm so new, I don't know if my setup is working well - maybe I'm doing something stupid like using the wrong antenna and don't know it - so I'm asking for some general...
  7. N9PBD

    FCC Issues Fine for Dangerous Interference to NYPD Radio System

    WASHINGTON, October 11, 2017—The Federal Communications Commission has imposed a fine proposed last spring against a New York City resident for operating a radio transmitter on frequencies that the Commission has licensed to the New York Police Department (NYPD), causing interference with the...
  8. T

    Need help with good frequencies for a security team!

    Hi, I am located in cass county, MO. I do church security and I am in need of some good frequencies to use. The main radio the team uses is the Baofeng BF-888s and I personally use the UV5R. We need something that will work well through brick walls and auditoriums and be legal, plus we need as...
  9. B

    bcd325p2 computer interference on railroad

    I just recently purchased a bcd325p2 and I have been trying different bands and systems with it. Most work just fine. But for railroad, which I really want to listen to, the whole band goes silent when I turn on my home build desktop computer which I built a couple of years and has a top of the...
  10. M

    ICOM-R75 power supply causing interference to itself?

    Hi all, I became the owner of an ICOM-R75 awhile back, great radio, love it. There seems to be one problem though... Right now the antenna I'm using on the R75 is a Par EndFedZ, seems to work well with the radio, it is strung up about 45 feet. But when I'm scanning through frequencies, every few...
  11. BlueDevil

    158.9400 Interference

    Trying to find the station/transmitter causing interference on 158.9400MHz possibly operating out of North Central Idaho or the Idaho Panhandle. The station is transmitting with a CTCSS Tone of 179.9Hz. No voice is ever heard and no CW ID or other station identification is heard. All I can hear...
  12. BlueDevil

    Motorola XPR8300 background noise/interference

    I have a Motorola XPR8300 VHF Analog Repeater without an external power amplifier that all of a sudden has a lot of background interference or noise. The repeater is on a mountain top however a long ways from any other transmitters. It is the only radio repeater at its location. It is used for...
  13. Z

    154.815 in North NJ overlap?

    I live in Maplewood and monitor the PD on 154.815 with a Pl of 114 I think, if memory serves. Ive noticed that a Hunterdon country dispatch uses the same frequency at a different Pl tone, it's so close that on my home base it comes in full scale and on HT about S3. Why would they use the same...
  14. A

    Transmitting Interferes With Scanners

    Hello all, I do not know too much about radio installs so please bear with me if this is an obvious problem. A group of myself and others work together in a photography business, and we recently decided to take our operations efficiency up a notch by renting a radio system. We are utilizing...
  15. D

    Newbie question on nearby AM transmitter interference.

    Hi! I recently found my oldish Grundig G5 receiver, and thought it would be fun to start listening to shortwave again. I used to live in the country and I had decent reception, but since moved. The antenna was very loose and I had terrible reception. The rubberized coating had also become...
  16. H

    Cell Phone Jammer or Receiver Problem?

    I am trying to duplicate a problem with my radio - an ICOM R-8500 tonight with out luck. I purchased it in 1999. Are there jammers that will block an extremely wide area of bands? Below is a copy of my email to ICOM about my issue. The key work at the end of my paragraph is "intermittent" which...
  17. KJ4TDM

    Anyone ever seen this before?

    Found this lately on my waterfall on SDRSharp. Was wondering if anyone out there may have come across it in the past. Its from 143.945Mhz-145.067.
  18. G

    Cell Phone Tower Overpowering My Scanner

    I have a multi-tier cell phone tower within 200 yards of my home witch interferes with my scanner. To monitor the 800Mhz band (e.g., police frequencies) I must sit on my front porch, placing the house between the scanner and the cell tower to receive transmissions. Is there a way to block the...
  19. K

    Crosstalk issue with LE, WX freqs. BC92xlt

    I'm having an issue with crosstalk or interference on the primary frequency used by local law enforcement when scanning with my 92xlt. Freq. Is 154.86. Sometimes, I hear the local noaa wx radio walking on transmissions from the le dispatcher, only. This is frustrating, as this is the primary...
  20. 2

    Phone app keeps chirping or poping driving me crazy

    although i have had a home scanner for 20 years or so, I'm new to scanner on my android cell phone. I'm using the Scanner Radio app and I keep getting a chirp or clicking sound about every 3 or 4 seconds some time 6 seconds, the status of the feed is idle with no talking going on. I tried...