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  1. radioboy75

    Telemetry data on LEA (Area 1D)

    Somewhat frequently, for like an hour or so at a time, I am getting some data noise on the LEA channel in my area, 155.790. The data sounds very similar to SCADA telemetry -- you know, like the data that is sent by water well monitors, gas monitoring stations, and the like. Normally, assuming...
  2. H

    RR Black Hawk County SARA - PRO668 - ISCAN Issue

    No more RACOM simulcast of Black Hawk County law enforcement. I'm trying to download the SARA Network System directly from RR to my RS Pro-668 but I'm not hearing anything in Black Hawk County. For two days I've tried several different settings but can't figure it out. This is my first time...
  3. radioboy75

    EMS communication changes

    This info from the Governor's office makes me think that perhaps in-the-clear EMS communications are going the way of the dinosaur, and comms will soon take place on souped-up cell phones. Thoughts? Gov. Reynolds, Lt. Gov. Gregg announce participation in new nationwide first responder network...
  4. radioboy75

    Mutual Aid repeater?

    Does anyone know anything about repeaters on Mutual Aid -- 155.475? I guess I thought that was frowned on, but I've heard morse code ID's on that frequency from time to time, so I would imagine it's a repeater. The one I'm almost sure I heard today is Woodbury County (Sioux City). I guess the...
  5. I

    Getting started

    I am new to scanning and just purchased a home patrol unit. I live in the Iowa City area but cannot pick up Iowa City or Coralville. I have picked up the Johnson County sheriff and Cedar Rapids. Am I able to get IC and Coralville? I downloaded the HP Sentinel and updated the firmware when I...
  6. C

    Linn County Iowa P25 system

    This system is now on the air. Licenses were granted July 2012 and the first site Boyson Road is on the air with a control channel. There was no traffic on it as of Saturday, Oct 20 2012, Linn County ops are proceeding on VHF. Since they are wideband I expect they will abandon the vhf by Jan...
  7. owenmcc1

    BCT15 problem/question

    I recently purchased a used BCT15, and already it appears I may have a problem. But rather than jump to conclusions, I thought I'd check and see if anyone else has had the same problem. When it stops on one of the channels I have programmed in, it acts like it loses signal right in the middle...
  8. B

    Iowa channels that are going away/changing in 6 months???

    I know that Waterloo fire is now paged out on 800 mhz. Are there other changes like this happening soon?? i.e. moving from vhf to 800mhz?
  9. newsphotog

    newsphotog rig 2.0

    I completely overhauled my setup in a 2004 Chevrolet Impala that was previously seen at http://forums.radioreference.com/pictures-your-shack-mobile-setup/123489-newsphotog-rig.html -- there was a version 1.5 but it wasn't anything worth mentioning. It seems like it's more for personal enjoyment...
  10. J

    How to program trunking with gre psr 300

    Hello, I have a GRE PSR 300 Great scanner, but I have tried following the directions in the manual and cannot seem to program it correctly. Ok I am a dummy, I am in eastern Iowa and would try to program anything for Scott county or Iowa city. I would be programming in bank 3. How do I do it. I...
  11. K

    Clive Frequencies

    Hi, I'm new to the CLIVE/Urbandale/Waukee area. I'm looking for some good, active frequencies. I do not have a scanner capable of trunked frequencies. (old Bearcat 200). I'm specifically looking for Clive police and Clive public works. Anything helps! THANKS!!