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  1. scott

    Rankin county sporadic reception in metro Jackson

    My Uniden BCD996XT was receiving Rankin 800MHz county fine until a few weeks ago (stopped working right sometime between August 1 and September 1). Am I the only one having this problem? FYI - I provide the Rankin county feed online and that BCT8 scanner receives fine BUT it is analog only as...
  2. J

    Central Mississippi Scanning

    I recently purchased a Uniden BCD396XT and downloaded Central Mississippi Regional Network and Rankin County Motorola Systems from the Radio Reference Database file into scanner, using ARC XT Pro software. Rankin County's system worked but Central Mississippi did not not. I have tried to...
  3. I

    Athens/Jackson/Lawrence, OH - SEOEMS to Dissolve Start of 2011

    From WSAZ: BREAKING NEWS: SEOEMS to Dissolve Service at End of Year No more SEOEMS ops. :(
  4. conrad314

    Jackson County Sheriff car to car ???

    Just wondering what frequencies the Jackson County Sheriff talk on for car to car chatter. I am guessing it's 154.1000 or 155.9700, but I never hear car to car chatter. I Monitor: (all w/ PL156.7 tones) 155.7900 Dispatch 155.9700 cars to base 154.1000 Tac Am I missing something? or...