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  1. F

    Jacksonville Fire P-25

    So, I have heard many different things about the JFRD P-25 system. I have heard that yes, Main dispatch is in the clear because they have been experiencing issues with it. Does anyone know or actually monitor Jacksonville(FL) Fire to tell me if I can listen to the JFRD P-25 system or is it just...
  2. S

    New Provider: Needs help!

    Hey guys, I recently set up the new feed for Jacksonville (Florida) Fire Rescue 800mhz. I actually got a small Dell laptop stripped with no programs (other than required download from RR) & plugged the scanner in last night. Now..The problem is the feed sucks. Low or no volume & the broadcast...
  3. kg4ojj

    JFRD Batt Chief involved in MVC

    Fire-7 (batt chief) involved in accident, while responding to working structure fire. 21st & Liberty Streets, Jacksonville FL Unknown injuries, unknown entrapment. Rescue chief and extra rescue unit enroute.