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kevin martin

  1. poltergeisty

    Main street WIFI

    http://www.marketwatch.com/news/story/Meraki-Introduces-Main-Street-WiFi/story.aspx?guid={A37EB3B0-C3F0-40C2-B49F-A39D29EBF215} Between whitespace use and municipal wifi coverage, I hope this puts some decent competition with ISPs. This just in! Comcast may be fined for not complying to a FCC...
  2. poltergeisty

    Interference concerns over "white space" use.

    That's what Major League Baseball and NASCAR along with other Big sports leagues said in a regulatory filing with the FCC. That's not all. Executives from News Corp (who own Fox), ABC, NBC, and CBS signed a letter in protesting a plan to use so called "white spaces" proposed by Kevin Martin, the...