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  1. T

    Scanning KSICS

    Hello. I am new to this so please bear with me. Marion county, ks is currently in the process of moving to the ksics system. Fire and EMS are moving shortly, and Law is currently using it. I would like to scan this traffic, specifically the Law channels. What kind of scanner would I need, and...
  2. frazpo

    Weather Monitoring Southeast KS on KSICS

    KSICS - Labette County EOC was a wealth of information during the storms this evening. When it comes to following severe weather there is nothing better than a scanner radio. They had mobile spotters under storms headed my direction. Great to know they are out there.
  3. C

    Labette County Kansas to join KSICS system

    Parsons, KS: The emergency communications system throughout all of Labette County, Kansas will be upgraded thanks to a $1.1 million FEMA firefighter grant.
  4. frazpo

    SE Kansas

    The database indicates that Crawford County, Pittsburg fire and ems are on ksics. I am not seeing this at all. Running unitrunker and monitoring it I never see any TG's other then Crawford SO a few times. I dont think they are using it full time. Any word on the progress?? Thanks
  5. loumaag

    KSICS Anchor Thread

    This is a sticky thread that should be used to discuss the Kansas Statewide Interoperable Communication System (KSICS). There have been several threads started in the Kansas forum on different topics or informational points in relation to this system and it would be best if there is one thread...
  6. Gadgetman728

    KSICS Open/Closed mode

    I've loaded the KSICS data in my Pro-96 and am running it under the MO mode. I have 2 questions - can I utilize the open closed setting? Second, I've loaded all the towers I'm ever near, and I'm leaving one empty bank between towers. Does this blank channel need to be anything other than 0.0000?
  7. rankin39

    Ksics Tg 655?

    Yesterday evening driving up the Turnpike north of Eldorado I was listening to an OP on one of the known KBI talkgroups. When the operation wrapped up, the two agents signed off the TG but immediately popped up on TG 655 and continued with their informal chit-chat until they reached home. 655...