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  1. CQ

    BLM - Everyday

    National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day (L.E.A.D.) https://www.nationalcops.org/lead.html Still time to snuggle up to one and keep 'em warm.
  2. D

    Long range RC equipment on 433MHZ

    Hey I was wondering what laws apply this Tx and Rx system. OrangeRx OpenLRS Tx Module Specs: Compatibility: 5-pin Futaba compatible module-based transmitters Frequency: 433MHz Voltage input: 6.8~12VDC IC: Atmega328P Power: 1000mW Range: Full range...
  3. T

    Legality Of Whelen Electric Air Horn

    I also posted this in on an earlier thread similar to this, regarding light bars, but I also posted it here, in a new thread. It isn't exactly radio related, but I did the best I could to find a home on the forum for this question. Is there any law in Canada, or more specifically, in New...
  4. A

    CODEC & Software Defined Radio legalities

    Given the existence of open projects such as the TAPR's Software Defined Radio, I was wondering what the legalities might be for writing or using various decoding software implementations. Aside of actually receiving a portable phone of some sort, I don't know of any legal reason one couldn't...